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#SupportBlackWomen feat. TBHE

When current Vice President Kamala Harris said to former Vice President Mike Pence, “I’m speaking!”, I felt that in my soul.

The since turned infamous line can now be found on popular merchandise such as apparel and t-shirts. For me it serves as a reminder that as a black woman there are way too many situations where we feel we are not being heard, or supported.

Recently I had the pleasure of going to The Black Hair Experience in Oxon Hill, MD. It was EVERYTHING! So many installations featuring iconic black hair staples: a hot comb kitchen, a beauty supply store, a comb collage, and even a pit full of rollers! I took my god daughter and we enjoyed a day of selfie-taking, nostalgia, shopping, and more! It was honestly pure fun!

The history of black hair and it’s impact on the culture is simply profound. Gazing at each of the installations made me feel proud and honored to be a part of this history. I can not count how many hairstyles, colors, textures, and accessories I have tried on my hair over the years! So walking through The Black Hair Experience felt like a journey through my life haha!

I would encourage anyone in the DMV area to check out the Oxon Hill, MD location. However they are opening this pop-up exhibit in Atlanta, Dallas, and other locations to come.

A recurring message throughout the exhibit was: Support Black Women. So many times we hear that black women are not protected, and are disrespected. To help with those issues..and more, it starts with simply supporting black women. And not just in business, but period.

So what exactly does support for black women look like?

Well for starters listening to them. Again going back to our Madame Vice President‘s statement: I’m speaking.

As black women we want to not only be heard but to be understood. Respect, honor, patron, celebrate, uplift, encourage-all simple ways to support a black woman on any day at any level.

Now of course if that said black woman is a business owner there are simple ways to support her business as well! Promoting and sharing that business, purchasing from that business/using her service, leaving a review/feedback. In my blogs, Why supporting businesses owned by black women is so important and Happy Women’s Month, I discussed more in depth ways to support. Check out those blogs to read about ways to better support women and women in business.

I’ll be honest, at times especially on social media, the support can seem a bit fake. With that being said I am thankful to everyone who has supported my many different business offerings and services over the years. Feeling that genuine support is really important, not only to me, but all women.

Check out my YouTube to view some of my favorite moments from The Black Hair Experience!

Visit to check out the exhibit, purchase tickets, shop/support, and more!

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2 comentários

chneer Townes
chneer Townes
24 de jul. de 2021

This is amazing on so many levels. Will be taking my daughter to experience the exhibit . Thank you for this #supportblackwomen


24 de jul. de 2021

Excellent to see you were in attendance!

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