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They say the first step to healing is acknowledgement  and that couldn't be more true! When I started my blog I had no idea just how therapeutic it would become for myself..and for others. I love that my personal wellness journey has created a life of itself into me encouraging others to heal & thrive from the topics I have been able to explore and share. Truth is in 2017 I experienced something very traumatic as an adult, as a result it pushed me into a business that I don't even think I was ready to operate just yet. By putting my all into my event planning business I was running away from the healing that needed to happen. Crazy thing is when this trauma happened to me I did not realize just how much it impacted me until months later, by that time Plan Accordingly Events was already up and running and there was no time to stop and pause and take the needed time for me. Once 2019 came I started to acknowledge why I felt so much anguish towards my business and anything that came from 2017. When the shutdown of 2020 came I was finally able to take time for me which included: reflecting on that trauma, starting to heal, and understand what loving me means. As a result my healing journey sparked into me creating a business centered around my healing and others. Healing is truly a journey! A continuous journey. I'm not here to say it will happen over night, but it will get better! What has helped me throughout my journey is continuing to love myself, practicing self-care, seeing a therapist, and spreading my message of self-love with you all!


Enjoy my blog posts about wellness topics and more, the resources provided, and  shop for confidence and wellness boosting items!

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