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13 going on 30.

My 30th birthday is in a few days and I could not be happier! Here's 13 things I'm grateful I learned prior to turning 30.

1. Don’t delay your own healing.

You can not wait to heal. Your future depends on it. Take matters into your own hands.

2. Don’t wait for things to get better.

Again...take matters into your own hands!! Things will only better if you take action. Plan, strategize, and practice! Do not wait for things to get better before you start healing or making changes, do it now and do it with much intention.

3. Do what makes You Happy!

This is self explanatory! Only do things that make you happy, not your friends, family. etc.

4. It’s okay to be extra!

Some people will critique your need or want to be extravagant/over the top/too much, and that's perfectly fine. Keep on being #teamextra and #teamtoomuch !! Do not belittle or humble yourself for anything or anyone!

5. Eliminate anything that makes you worthless.

If there is someone or something that makes you feel inferior...get rid of it!

6. It’s ok to do nothing 

Stop allowing yourself and others to put pressure on you. You are allowed to be tired, don't feel about it. It's not always physical tiredness, it's mental too. Get your rest, and get plenty of it!

7. You don’t have to follow norms.

Again do what makes you are on your own path and timeline for that matter. You don't have to get married, have children, start a business none of that. What's for you is for you!

8. You can’t do everything 

You just can not and stop trying.

9. Your success doesn’t come from others.

Having children, a spouse, etc. does not make you more or less successful, it comes from your own worth!

10. Celebrate yourself.

If you are like me and like to see people happy, we have a nature in us to not keep that same energy for ourselves. PLEASE KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY FOR YOU!

11. Stop feeling guilty.

Do not feel guilty for making decisions that only benefit and/or help you only.

12. Happiness comes from within.

Again, you have to learn how to make yourself happy.

13. Preserve you for you.

Practice self-preservation. Eat better, sleep better, moisturize, explore/travel, learn!

I am so thankful for every experience I've had over the past decade, in my 20s, all shaped me to who I am today. I'm proud of the woman I am/becoming. I've fought hard to get here! And I am still healing. Most people I have spoken to who are in their 30's have said their life didn't truly start until they turned 30! I guess I am about to find out!!

-xoxo Aeb!

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