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7 Recommended Tips for Easing Anxiety!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I've suffered with the "BIG A" better known as Anxiety since my teenage years. With today's climate and the social distancing going on, I've been using seven simple ways to combat my anxiety. Here's hoping it will help you too!

1. Increase your faith..

In this time and during many times when stricken with anxiety I've had to cling on hard to my faith. For me that's in prayer, meditation, and quiet time. I urge you to cling to whatever your belief system is in times like this!

2. Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Cutting down on coffee and other drinks and food with caffeine will cut down on your anxiety. Caffeine naturally increases your heart rate, which will in fact increase your anxiety! Substituting coffee(my choice of drink) for a green tea or a decaf coffee is ideal. Especially while we are home with unclear answers.

3. Maintain Normalcy

Continue with normal activities and routines, where applicable. You can still enjoy your everyday activities such as getting dressed, having your favorite drink, seeing friends(most via Facetime or other video calling apps), eating your favorite foods, etc.

4. Binge your favorite shows

Watch your favorite shows and/or take the time out to find a new show that peaks your interest, make sure it has plenty of lengthy episodes and that it will keep your interest!

5. Be productive!

Take this time to be productive; clean up, start that thing you've been putting off like writing a book or starting that podcast. Get your spring wardrobe ready!

6. Do Something that makes you happy..

Whether that's cooking your favorite meal, spending time with your spouse or children, taking a long bath, or going for a walk!

7. Maintain a health body and mind.

For your mind read books, meditate, watch inspirational shows. Get up everyday, get dressed, do your make up. Continue your healthy diet, cook instead of using all the free delivery services circulating.

I hope this helps someone. These tips have been helping me not only while we are stuck in our homes, but also in my day to day suffering with anxiety.

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