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Behind the Music.

June is Black Music Month! So I want to highlight and support a few independent Black artists, along with the impact of Black Music on culture, the ways it inspires us all, and the ways it impacts mental health throughout this entire month.

Enjoy and be sure to support the artists and movement being featured this month!

Today's blog features musician and music director/producer Jeff "Music Makin Mitch" Mitchell. As always head to IGtv for some other great music producing tools Jeff touched on, the direction of music, his other business ventures, and more!

What influenced you to pursue an interest or career in music?

I'm going to be honest with you. I did not want to do it. I loved to run the streets growing up. I loved to play basketball and be outside with my friends. Then my mom and dad start a church and they didn't have musicians, so they made my brother and I be the musicians. So they had me play the keys and him play the drums.

And that's pretty much how I got started. I really did not want to do.

So I had to start praying for the desire to want to pray. And one day I went home, started practicing, and loved it every since!

As a producer of music what inspires you the most?

Sounds and beats. And what I mean by that is, not your typical piano, but maybe some crazy sound that's in the keyboard that you would've never noticed. Or this baseline or guitar riff, or a good melody.

But yeah a good melody is probably most inspiring to me.

What would you say are key elements to creating a hit song?

The mainstream answer is a great hook. You got to have a great hook that's catchy. Your favorite song that's on the radio now has a hook that you can sing along to.

Outside of mainstream, I think that what makes a hit song for me is a dope rhythm section, and the rhythm section being the drums and base and you throw a great melody in there, you can really make some great music.

How does music influence you on the daily basis?

It's my life. Literally my life, my income is attached to it. It touches everything. I can't even do my life without music. So I don't think music inspires my life, I think music is my life.

Want artist current or past has influenced you the most?

The Dream. His everything. His decision making. He figured out what he was good at vocally. But production wise he can put sounds together that you wouldn't even think of and he's versatile. He's able to get outside himself and produce for what that specific artist needs. And that's genius!

In what ways, in your opinion, has black music/musicians influenced the industry?

Everything that is being done now has a Black influence to it, even country music. Not saying we are better than or superior, but it's just in our DNA to create. We come from God, who is a creator, so we have no choice but to be creative. We inspire just by being us.

Earlier you spoke about going on tour, what has been your favorite tour, venue, or artist?

I've pretty much been in every arena in the United States. I would love to play Wimbledon and I would love to play in Australia. And I want to play for The Dream. I'm a big fan of Chris Brown's music also, I feel like that guy can't miss musically.

For those listening/watching, how can they break into the music scene?

It's really who you know. Being able to network. I would say to those aspiring to be in the music industry, first be someone that people actually want to be around and also network. Don't be afraid to speak to strangers, and be friendly and genuine. Also it doesn't help being where the music and action is such as moving or traveling to L.A.

Anyone interested in working with you specifically how can they do so?

I do offer mentoring services and music lessons such as piano lessons.

Instagram is the best way to hit me up @musicmakinmitch !

Check out MusicMakinMitch and stay tuned all month where I will be featuring other Black musicians and speaking on music's impact on mental, the culture, and so much more!

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