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Dating in the DMV.

Exploring dating trends and ideal locations for singles in the DMV, featuring dating advice blogger Dating with Donna.

Dating With Donna is a blog, primarily on Instagram, that dishes on dating stories, experiences, research, and more to women so they can be empowered to make healthier and diverse dating choices that lead to success. She is located in the DMV area, like myself! Whether you are in the DMV area, or not, much of what we spoke on can be applicable regardless of your location.

We spoke briefly about online dating, tips that will set you up for success, and more.

Read our entire interview below and head to IGtv for some of my fave tips!

I came across your blog/Instagram while searching for dating tips in the area. Tell me more about your blog and your respective point of view.

My blog started off as me telling stories about my previous dating experiences over the last decade. Most of my experiences are older. So now I include mine and others' stories from the DMV area. I give advice on red flags, understanding what you deserve, and incorporate common sense. It is primarily on Instagram, coming soon will be a YouTube and podcast where I will be including the male perspective. -@DatingWithDonna

So you are primarily in the DMV, what would you say are tips to dating in the DMV?

-Date the person for who they are; do not date potential. Dat for face value.

-Do not try to make someone's dreams come true, do not build a man.

-Keep your options open, dating is plural not singular so until you are committed keep your options open. Do not settle for a "situationship". -@DatingWithDonna

Do you have any ideal date locations to meet people?

The best option now is dating apps, because of the pandemic. There is more risk taking when going out to meet people, and online. With meeting people online be sure to ask questions and make sure they are legit. - @DatingWithDonna

How effective do think online dating is?

I have a rule. You can communicate back and forth with that person, but if that person does not set up a date within 72 hours, stop communicating.

If he just keeps trying to carry on a conversation, then he most likely is not "the one".

Many people on these apps will talk to multiple people at once.

Even when you meet someone in person, if they do not plan a date within 3 days, I would suggest to stop communicating with them. -@DatingWithDonna

Are there any other rules that have brought you success in dating?

Not settling, if someone does not meet my dating checklist, and yes it's very intense, I only date men that meet those qualifications.

If you want a certain thing, than only go after that. I called that your non-negotiables. -@DatingWithDonna

How can those reading and watching follow your blog and message you for more dating tips and advice?

Directly on Instagram @DatingWithDonna. I'm bringing back my Spill The Tea Wednesdays. I have my YouTube and podcast coming very soon. Once the pandemic is gone I will be bringing my speed dating event back!

I am very thankful for Donna's insight! Keep in mind, these are tips and insights that Donna and others have acquired over the years while dating in the DMV.

It honestly made me analyze my personal dating habits. I'm fairly intentional with my dating, but there are certain qualities and red flags I tend to overlook, most of the time because I saw potential.

My personal advice...

When dating remember to:

-keep in mind your non-negotiables

-use good judgement

-dress for the occasion/appropriately

-enjoy yourself!

Read my previous blog, Affirmations of Love for more affirmations and direct advice from dating coach and therapist Marqiuta Johnson.

On IGtv I gave some fashion tips for ladies. For the fellas head to GQ, here's some great fashion tips on being comfortable but also impressive on a date!

Best places to date in the DMV...

According to PEW Research, based on reports showing cities where there are higher amounts of individuals that are not married, the female to male ratio in that city is about the same, and in many cases show less adults under 50 who have no children, these are the top cities in Maryland and Virginia for non-married singles, who are looking to date non-married other singles.

  1. College Park

  2. Hyattsville

  3. Baltimore

  4. New Carrollton

  5. Laurel

  6. Annapolis

  7. Gaithersburg

  8. Takoma Park

  9. Greenbelt

  10. Rockville

  1. Alexandria

  2. Charlottesville

  3. Herndon

  4. Blacksburg

  5. Manassas

  6. Richmond

  7. Williamsburg

  8. Norfolk

  9. Harrisonburg

  10. Radford

If you are single and do not live in the DMV visit to search your state and others.

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