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Exploring Lash Extensions.

As girl bosses our lives are so busy we don't always have time to apply our mascara, we want to get up and go...ergo a semi-permanent mascara- LASH EXTENSIONS!

I haven't had the pleasure of wearing lash extensions thus far, but in addition to wearing mascara, I do often wear strip lashes as an alternative to achieve a bigger volume and diverse look on the daily basis and in some cases of special occasions. I am often asked aboutlash extensions, my recommendation, and if they are a good idea.

This week I interviewed multi-entrepreneur, fellow girl boss, and owner/certified lash technician of Queen Lash Beauty, Marisha Mobley. Marisha covered everything about lash extensions, what they are, the application process, maintenance, and the business of the lash industry. By the way there's much potential in the lash industry...but we will get to that later on.

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions is any instance where you take a false lash and apply it to a natural lash. There are many different versions of lash applications, there's individuals, then there's processes where you can get anywhere from 2-5 lashes added to one of your natural lashes. This is considered a "mega volume set", which gives a strip lash look. Classic sets are more natural and is ideal for clients looking to extend on their natural lash or curl.

They differ from strip lashes in their application and duration. Strip lashes are ideal for someone looking to wear them for the day or night, whereas lash extensions last for up to three weeks depending on the individual.

Similar to strip lashes, the hair used for lash extensions is primarily silk and mink.

Lash Tip: Do not put strip lashes or mascara on top of the lash extensions. If your lashes are shedding allow them to do so. Consult your lash tech, and book your next appointment.

What to expect at your appointment.

Typical full set lashes take up to two hours. This allots time for analyzing your lashes, explaining the process, consent forms, lash prep, lash options, at home care, etc. The best way to know if you are a good candidate for lash extension is to book an appointment.

Lashes shed naturally, 2-3 hairs per day. Both natural and extensions. Typically they shed more in the winter. If you are experiencing excessive shedding or gaps in your lash set reach out to your lash technician ASAP.

Lash Maintenance.

Lashes should be reapplied every two to three weeks, depending on your lifestyle. For instance if you work out and/or sweat a lot, regularly get facials, have oily skin, or sleep face down, you may want to get your lashes reapplied a bit sooner.

Do not get discouraged if you fall in any of those categories you can still get lash extensions! Marisha has partnered with many of her clients to research and implement specialized glue and processes for these unique cases.

Two days after your lash appointment, once the glue fully dries, it is required that you clean your lashes. Queen Lash Beauty sells a lash cleanser, but a mild soap works as well, use a lash wand to thoroughly clean them. After the initially cleaning, you should clean every other day or as needed.

Again if you are someone that sweats, wears eye shadow regularly and other heavy make up and pigments, you may want to wash them everyday. Cleaning them allows the lashes to stay in the right direction, maintain the curl, and keeps them clean and sanitized.

Lash Tip: When you first get lash extensions get a classic set. It's the most natural and you can always grow from there into bigger dramatic volumes.

The Lash Industry.

Marisha's best piece of advice for anyone considering getting into the lash industry is to, "Just do it!". Be prepared to practice, not only on the mannequin, but utilize your friends and family members, to build your skill set and confidence. It takes patience, thousands of hours of learning & practice, and lots of confidence to do well! So you have to be willing to put the work in and the reward will pay-off!

What she loves most about the lash industry is offering a tailored customer experience. She has built trust with countless clients and enjoys being not only their lash tech, but also their therapist and good good girlfriend while in her lash studio.

If you're curious and willing to put in the work, be sure to contact her today. She offers training, classes, and mentourship.

Book your lash appointment.

Book your appointment at Queen Lash Beauty. Be sure to keep up with Marisha on her personal Instagram Page @MarishaMobley_, as she is a mentor, and has many other creative services being offered!

To see the full interview head over to our IGtv.

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