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Hail to the V!- Protecting your most important asset

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Exploring feminine care practices & standards that help maintain a healthy space in your most sacred place.

What is feminine care?

Feminine care consists of the treatment, attention, and health practices surrounding your most important asset, your Vagina. Everything that we do to promote and maintain a healthy space within the vagina is all feminine care. Although the vagina is "self cleaning", there are some recommended practices and standards that can encourage the natural cleansing processes within. I've consulted with owner of The Intimate Luxury Boutique, Tarase Whetstone, on the best feminine care practices, the ancient tradition of steaming, and how to promote a healthier space in our "V".

What is "V-Steaming"?

Vaginal steaming, mostly referred to a "V-steaming", is an old ancient remedy that's been used for many centuries, with roots in Africa, South America, and Asia. Before gynecology and man-made medicines came about, they had to develop ways to help with feminine health and wellness problems. Uses a blend of different herbs, which can be customized to your specific needs, similar to the herbs we drink like chamomile, lavender, and oregano. Steaming can be used as a basic regiment, but can also can be used to target issues such as menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, vaginitis, and endometriosis.

Benefits of "V-Steaming"

It tightens, detoxes, and tones the vaginal canal; giving your vaginal canal good circulation. Helps create and maintain a healthy ph balance, eases cramps and fibroid pain, eliminates yeast and bacteria; is an overall "Vajuvenation". Over time it is suggested you may want to tighten your vagina, it is ideal even if you haven't had children. Can cut down and eliminate clotting during menstrual cycles and can shorten your period. Steaming leads to a healthier self love and partner love atmosphere. Overall, making you feel like that confident woman you truly are!

Home remedies after your steam?

Use plant based feminine washes, especially after your cycle. Stay hydrated. Take a bath weekly or as needed. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Plant-Based feminine care.

Many products on the shelf do not show every ingredient that's truly included because there is no mandate, so we have to beware. Of course when we say plant-based, that means any product that has no trace of animal product ingredient in it. There are many products with essential oils and natural plants that not only help boost the vaginas health but are also naturally activating. Apple cider vinegar can be used in your bath are in many body washes. Also keep in mind when bathing and taking showers you can gently clean the vulva, not the vagina, again it is self-cleansing and does not need soap.

Foods that benefit your "V".

Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice (a natural cranberry not the artificial one).

Veggies, fruits, dark chocolate, garlic.

Avoid processed foods, sugar, and dairy.

soaps, scents, & sanitary napkins.

Although each of our bodies are unique, it is recommend to use naturally scented pads and soaps. Traditional sanitary napkins are made with bleached materials, plastic, and acetone which are very harmful to the vagina and can result in cramps being more painful and heavier bleeding. Brands like Lhamo use herbs that include anti-inflammatory agents, which helps cut down on swelling and eliminates yeast and bacteria from coming in during or after your cycle. When it comes to sprays and fragrances you want avoid those as well as scented pads, unless they have naturally fragrances that help maintain a healthy atmosphere such as coconut oil and lavender.

ready to book your steam?

Contact Tarase by texting code word WELCOME to 410-801-9391.

Head over to to check out natural feminine products, pleasure aids, and to book your steam!

Tarase shared a wealth of knowledge! For the full interview head over to IGTV!

We all know that with the right coffee and mascara you can do anything! Pair those with a healthy vagina.. the possibilities are endless!

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