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How I lost my Quarantine-15.

I've decided to share some ways that I lost weight in the past 30 days.

Many may not know this, but I am 5 feet tall, literally...I am SUPER SHORT!

Up until the quarantine started in mid-March, my weight always fluctuated between 110-115 pounds. But during quarantine, I picked up some "quarantine 15"... ok maybe it wasn't 15 but it was definitely 8-10 pounds. Initially I thought it was water weight. But CLEARLY, I was WRONG! In the past 3-4 weeks, the pounds have slowly but surely began to shed, it was not completely intentional, however I am NOT mad at it honey!

I noticed the weight gain by Memorial Day, but by the time Fourth of July came around, I became a bit more focused on how to approach toning this weight, to at least portion it out to other parts of my body. Now many did not notice this weight gain because I didn't "flaunt it", but there were some social media friends who would comment and commend my weight gain that's when I knew it was time to make some changes. That paired with the fact that I just felt super sluggish, low energy, and could feel myself just spreading!

Getting Active.

The main reason I had gained so much weight during this time was because I simply wasn't being active. I am typically a "busy bee", especially because of my wedding planning business. Also my corporate job, which I had started right before the pandemic, had me very busy mentally and physically. So once the pandemic started in mid-March and we were on quarantine lock down I was constantly sitting around eating, snacking, cooking, ordering delivery/pick-up, etc. It was not until May or so that I realized just how much weight I had gained. That was because with things starting to open up a bit I was able to go out and wear real clothes. But as I started looking at my pictures and began to get a bit active I realized not only did I not look the same I also did not feel the same. I also had so much feedback from my peers complimenting me on the weight gain, and that's how I realized something needed to change!

I'm sure it was easy for the pounds to accumulate in not so flattering areas, because I wasn't used to being still. Now for most people, they might love where the pounds were on my waist and stomach (it was really grown woman weight as they say) but because I'm so small I was scared as hell! With doing events and weddings it's a very physical day and I look forward to that as my exercise! But because of the pandemic, all of my spring and summer weddings and events were either postponed or cancelled. July was my first wedding, and by that time I felt the heaviest and most uncomfortable, but I was super excited to do the wedding not only for the execution purposes but so that I could shed a few pounds while setting up in the heat! Which that's exactly what I did!

After doing the wedding I realized I needed a change. my body was way more drained that I had ever been and that's when it TRULY hit me that I needed to make a change. To not only lose weight but to feel healthy inside again...

To shed the weight I did the follow things, some I would recommend, others I would say go at your own caution. As I always point out we are all unique, including our bodies, so what may work for me may not work for another. In terms of weight loss or weight gain be sure to always consult a doctor, tread lightly, and keep a journal so that you can track what's working.

Detox Tea.

One of the first things I bought was Yogi tea from Whole Foods I bought Peach Detox tea, which I often refer to as PeachTox Tea (LOL), and I also bought an anxiety tea. Both have been extremely effective. The PeachTox tea is really just that...a detox tea. It naturally cleanses your system and stimulates your metabolism. I would definitely recommend! The Yogi tea not only is yummy and effective, but it also comes with motivational quotes on the tea bag tag, and some meditation practices on the box...I loved that for sure!

Waist training.

Yes, it worked for me and YES I saw results. But wearing a corset and/or waist training is extremely uncomfortable! Whoever said beauty is pain...was wearing a corset! I started wearing the corset due to the recommendation of many friends to help shape and contour my midsection area(waist, bust, and hips). It was not something I initially was interested in, but also initially I was not completely sure I would be able to lose that weight. After doing research on waist training I was even more apprehensive to do it! When I looked into it the reviews and testimonials were not that great it was definitely a proceed with caution territory! But I was convinced to get some shape wear to at least wear under my clothing to help conceal and smooth out the unwanted weight, initially I got some from Amazon, which was effective but not as effective as I wanted.

Some time later I remembered the corset I had from years ago when I was Jessica Rabbit for Halloween(I will post a pic on IGtv). But anyway, I found it and started wearing that under my garments just to give myself a more contoured look in certain outfits. I soon started wearing it around the house and just in my day to day activities because I felt like it was helping with how I felt and looked. But after about two weeks or so of wearing it I started to not have a huge appetite and I found myself feeling a bit winded when I wore it. I would not recommend wearing it beyond an undergarment, unless you are going to get the actual waist trainer. The reason I did not get the actual waist trainer was because they all just looked super bulky to me, and it didn't seem like it was something you could seamlessly conceal under your outfit LOL!

P.S. I ultimately invested in Spanx just to smooth things out!(They pretty much look great under everything!)


So initially I was not going to work out, because in the past when I've worked out I lost weight super fast and in areas I didn't want to lose it from. I kept looking for some at-home exercises to do that will allow me to lose weight only in the key areas and many of them were on YouTube! So of course I came across a video from Jeanette Jenkins, who I had been following for years, but never actually tried any of her work outs. I found a video that actually works for me! This video is high energy, easy to do in your home, required no exercise equipment, super motivating, warms the muscles, and it's just really fun to do. I now do this workout about 2-3 times per week, or as needed. Growing up my aunt used to watch Richard Simmons videos and she had her go-to videos...this video is now my go-to Richard Simmons video okay! Check it out here !


Eating healthier is imperative to not only losing weight but also to simply be healthier! Far as my diet I had to stop ordering out and cook more. It's been a challenge because it's just easier to order pick up/delivery, especially since going to the market these days can be so cringy, you have to remember your mask, sanitize your hands before going in, sanitize the cart, and then I just feel super disgusted at the idea of touching anything in the market. Not to mention with cooking comes so much prepping and cleaning. As soothing as cooking is for me, I dread having to do everything all by oftentimes just ordering food is the best option! Now I still order from some of my favorite restaurants, but these days I am making sure that cooking is the first go-to and when I do eat out I make sure that I order healthier options. As well when I cook and eat at home I make sure that I am eating plenty of fish, fruits and vegetables!

Just a little tip I learned from YouTube, when I feel the need to snack I eat frozen fruit such as grapes and bananas! It's yummy and still gives me a bit of crunch that I'm craving!

It was each of the practices mentioned above, combined, that allowed me to lose the weight in such a quick amount of time. I would not recommend doing each of these at once, I would be lying if said my body was not impacted. My body definitely felt the changes all at once and it caused me to have to take a few weeks of taking it easy and learning to take better care and pay attention to what I eat, the amount exercise, and the amount of rest I am getting...which all help your body function at its best. This fitness journey of mine inspired me to look further into physical wellness for this month of August and also has inspired some permanent changes in my routines. Physical and mental wellness, as I discussed in my last blog go hand in hand. Make sure that you are listening to your body while taking time to rest which is always good for your mental health!

I couldn't be happier that I've not only lost the weight, but also I feel so much lighter and cleaner inside! Let me know some things you are doing to gain or lose weight this summer after being quarantined!

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