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Masculinity & Femininity.

Today I will discuss how being able to maneuver between feminine and masculine energies makes you even more dynamic and is a benefit and personal asset. I will also examine the differences & similarities between femininity and feminism.

What is masculinity?

Masculinity is regarded as any characteristic or attribute associated with being a man. Oftentimes qualities such as strong, dominate, protector, provider, giver are associated with being masculine. When most men are able to provide and protect, they tend to be happier, more thriving, and are more successful; it is their natural desire to do so. As with women, when we are creating, nurturing, and receiving (love, acts of service, gifts), we are much happier, thriving, and successful.

In my my first two femininity blogs I discussed ways women can evoke strength with their femininity; by leading with feminine energy. Strength looks different for men and women, in most cases, and though different these strengths are complimentary to one another.

A masculine woman?

As I discussed in my first installment of the femininity series, because of colorism biases, Black women are viewed as being masculine, which is far from the truth! Black women are literally the creators of life, among so many other inventions. Yes Black women are strong, we are far from weak. But we are not super-human warriors, we are not men, nor are we masculine. Oftentimes, other cultures will label our unique features and frames as "masculine" or "strong" because they don't align with widespread "traditional, beauty standards". But even women who either have and embrace "masculine" features(such as muscular physiques) or portray masculine traits, are feminine. And many of them use their natural femininity to practice self care and nurture themselves, despite being so strong.

Other times women portray masculine energy such as being overtly independent, extremely aggressive, and vulgar. I previously spoke about how women, in particularly black women, being portrayed as too masculine leads many to believe that we are tough, indestructable, and that we don't need protection or love. As I always reiterate, yes women are strong, but we still need and do desire protection and love.

Having dual energies.

Many believe that femininity and masculinity are not exclusive to either gender. Although I do not completely agree with that statement, there is some truth enclosed. In my opinion there are many traits that are naturally assigned to each gender, not only because of each gender's biological design, but also the brain of each gender. I agree some traits are learned or acquired, but most are natural. Men and women are different and though we are not equal, that does not mean that either is inferior or superior to one another. I believe that the masculine and feminine are complimentary to one another, not only are our bodies here to interact as compliments but also our energies, characteristics, strengths, and natural abilities. One has what the other needs; we thrive off the complimentary energy each has.

However there are men and women who are able to maneuver between feminine and masculine energies. Being able to adequately move between the two can be beneficial, especially if you are using those traits to improve your mental status and position in society. As women, we are naturally emotional, nurturing, and receivers. Men are typically assertive, dominant, and more competitive, than women are.

But knowing when, how, and where to convey these energies or traits can be impactful, especially in the workplace and for competitive reasons. Being assertive, unlocking physical strengths, and being able to dominate can take you far in both instances, just know when and how to apply them. It will not take away from your femininity especially if you're only bringing those traits out when necessary and to benefit you. For men who want to use feminine traits to benefit them, I have listed many in today's blog as well as my last two; again there's nothing wrong with wanting to do so, just be sure you are evoking those traits under certain necessary circumstances.

Femininity vs. Feminism.

Many have asked me about feminism and how it differs from femininity. Feminism is the concept and movement of equality between men and women. It started centuries ago,but in the last four decades has became more radical, particularly in the 1960's, when civil rights movements and reform for minorities grew even greater. For most, these two concepts are polar opposites. As I stated earlier, though men and women are not equal in terms of biology, brains, and natural abilities, that does not mean one is inferior to the other. Femininity embraces these differences, it points out that men and women are not equal, but direct compliments to one another. As I stated earlier, one has what the other needs. Of course on a humanity or value level we are not saying men and women are not equal. Neither is inferior nor superior to the other.

Most feminists simply just want equal pay, rights, and treatment for both genders, which should be the case, and while I do not disagree with them, there are many circumstances to consider. While other feminists believe they do not need a man and/or that they can do everything that a man does, and in some cases seek to embarass and eliminate men, of course that's on the more radical end of the spectrum. With femininity, most women following this movement, including myself, believe that men and women are complimentary to one another. That men offer what women need, and that women offer what men need. Even if you have the assumption that masculinity and femininity have no gender "assignment", I think we can all agree that these traits desire each other, regardless of what gender you choose to date, there is a more masculine partner and there's the more feminine partner.

The radical ideologies and the rhetoric of wanting to completely eliminate and devalue men is a direction that much of the feminist movement is moving into. As I explained before, when feminism is rooted in the inequalities between men and women, especially in terms of pay.

I think feminism and femininity can and do compliment each other, in certain ways. Though the approach and manner may be different, both put their womanness and women's needs and wants to the forefront.

And neither wants to be inferior to men, and neither should feel as they are; because again women are not inferior.

Like religion and many other beliefs, we have the ability to redefine them both for ourselves. Take bits and pieces from each to formulate our own truths, opinions, and create what ultimately works for and benefits you.

I hope you have enjoyed my insight on femininity so far, and what I had to say about masculinity and feminism today. Feel free to comment or email with any questions!

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