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Skinny Brew...It Really WORKS!

Updated: May 13, 2020

It Works!™ is shifting the way we view direct sales distributors.

Skinny Brew.

Because I run off coffee and mascara, you can typically catch me with a cup of some type of caffeine in my hand. Because I am often posting about my love for caffeine, especially on my social media pages. I had a Facebook friend reach out to me abut sampling the a new coffee called Skinny Brew. Initially I was not only skeptical but honestly uninterested, because I am a petite woman, I am always avoiding foods, drinks, and supplements that can cause weight loss or retention. So I guess you can say I was a hard sell, but Shauna informed me that it does way more than I thought. Skinny Brew by It Works!™ is ideal for not only those that want to stimulate weight loss, the brew also increases concentration with no anxiety jitters.

My experience...

The Skinny Brew arrived in less than a week after ordering the samples. It came with three samples, which was really impactful! It was really easy to use. All you do is mix into your hot water, stir, and enjoy! I drank three samples over a period of a week and for that entire week I had an increase in energy, no crazy jitters, no anxiety, and the great dark roast taste!

Shauna explains, "The coffee burns fat, boost energy & mental focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduces cravings!!!"

It really does work...

I couldn't help but notice I kept seeing It Works reps on my social media and in my day to day life, so when I was approached of course I was skeptical. But as previously discussed , once educated on the product I was sold! I decided to get info from Shauna and Shantel, two It Works!™ independent ambassadors. They gave me so much insight, personal experiences, and product knowledge.

Skinny Brew Tip: Now in my case I did not drink Skinny Brew to lose weight.

But in the event that you are looking to lose weight, you should first fast for 16 hours prior to taking your first sip of Skinny Brew. You will also need to alter your diet, by minimizing your carbs intake and increase your protein.

It Works changing lives?

Shauna explains:

"It Works!™ has changed my life, because it made me a better mother, more productive, and I look at life differently. I look at life in a way that I’m able to help others have a more productive life and a healthier lifestyle."

Shantel explains:

"It Works!™ has changed my mindset. Financially it’s added a extra income to allow me to pay down debt and build a savings. It’s provided me security in the middle of this pandemic. And health-wise I’ve lost inches on my waist, I’m drinking my veggies and growing my hair!"

What you should know...

It Works!™ is a game changer! It Works!™ can provide them with an abundance of finances, to help pay bills, to help put gas in the car, to help put kids in great schools. I would also inform people that it works is like no other company. I’ve been around the network marketing industry, and I have found no other company like this before, and that’s why I came back to It Works!™. Their products are phenomenal, and I cannot live without their products!

What Shantel wants people to know about It Works!™:"It is not a scam or pyramid’s a real business full of real women and men working hard and getting results."

Become an Ambassador today!

There's a few different ways to buy products, become an ambassador, and try samples such as I did. You can contact both Shauna and Shantel.

Or take their advice below.

If someone is interested in changing your life with It Works!™, they can contact me at my website, and they can fill out the form on the distributor page—the join me page. They can also go to my Facebook page at Shauna Michelle, and complete the Influencer Application, and I will reach back out to them within 24 hours.

If they are already a customer they would just reach out to their brand ambassador if they were ready to become one. If they are a interested future customer or brand ambassador, and they haven’t come across anyone, they can visit the It Works!™ website and you will be connected with someone in your area.

Skinny Brew Tip: To make sure the coffee is effective they can’t mix it with sugar... drink as close to it natural form as possible.

As always be sure to head over to IGtv where I show the easy process of making the Skinny Brew coffee and show results from both Shauna and Shantel. - xoxo Aeb!

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