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Stay "selfie ready" at home.

Maintain your beauty and grooming routines from the comfort of your home.

Stay at home.

During this challenging time in our nation we have to remain very aware and err on the side of caution. While some states are moving to open a few businesses, particularly beauty and grooming businesses, but only to essential employees. Other states have stated they will remain closed until further notice. Many of us have been home since February, and in most states, salons, spas, and other grooming facilities have been closed since mid-March. Until it is safe to enough to open grooming businesses we've had to substitute, and in some cases eliminate our beauty routines and appointments. It is so important to maintain any bit of normalcy during this time, which is something I discussed in my easing anxiety blog, so maintaining your beauty routines will ease the anxiety of being home.

Not to mention maintaining beauty routines is one of many ways to increase and nurture your femininity.

I've consulted beauty and grooming professionals on skin, hair, nails, and grooming/removal on how to maintain your needs at home until it is safe to book appointments.

There's no need to shy away from posting your selfies after reading this!

radiant skin.

Licensed Esthetician and Make-Up Artist Aris Howard specializes in make-up artistry, facials, brow tinting, face and body waxing, and more. Even though we can't book our facials, we can still keep up our radiant skin with ingredients we may not even need to leave our homes for.

Aris describes...

One of my favorite “Kitchen Cosmetics” is using honey.

Manuka or any raw/organic honey is ideal.

However, the clover honey and the bear will make some

difference too!

Directions: Cleanse twice. 1st cleanse will loosen dead skin. 2nd wash

will deep clean and clarify pores. Massage raw honey onto damp skin.

This will provide just enough exfoliation without making skin more red or

irritated. Leave on for 10-15 min (the bear can stay on for 20). Honey

contains small amounts of gluconic acid and other alpha-hydroxy acids,

which gently remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. Honey

is also very hydrating. Moisturize skin with olive or grape seed oil. You

only need a pea size, apply this while your skin is moist.

The result: Hydrated and Radiant Skin!

talk with your hands.

It's a real confidence booster when we can show off our nails while talking with our hands. Of course during this time nail salons are closed until further notice. Licensed cosmetologist and Owner of KMP Nails, Kelly Perkins is full time nail professional offering natural nail care, nail enhancements, and make-up services.

Kelly states...

While home be sure to keep your hands and feet moisturized. Use cuticle oil on both fingers and toes. If you started this "stay-home" mandate with acrylic nails be sure to soak them off as we do not know when salons will reopen.

KMP nails offers custom designed press-on nails to those of us at home that still want to slay and keep our nails long and beautiful. Click here to order.

If you're looking for other places to order custom press-on nails be sure to check out NailedBySyd on Instagram. In both instances you will need to measure your nails so please be sure to order the measuring kit to ensure your nail set will fit, to achieve your desired look.

Both Kelly and Sydnee both offer shipping please consult each to order your press-ons directly to your door step.

For an even simpler style, day to day nail check out Kiss Nails, which can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, Target and similar stores. Of course if you are traveling to stores please be safe, cover up, and keep your distance!

Wigging out.

Our hair is our "crown and glory", as many would say, so be sure to treat it as such. Make sure during this time you are keeping your hair healthy, while still slaying in your selfies, as the hair is the first thing we will see.

While we are home be sure to keep up with bi-weekly washing, follow up with a deep conditioner, moisturizer, and essential oils. I would suggest getting a protective style such as braids or a wig during this time to make sure that your hair has ample time to grow and breathe. Be sure to not sleep in your wig so that your scalp can have a chance to breathe at night. I honestly would avoid weaves and extensions that require glue or tension. We want the ultimate "glow-up" during this stay at home order. Avoid heat on your actual hair if possible.

I have grown especially fond of wigs because they allow me not only versatility in my hairstyles but also allows my hair to grow underneath; damage free with no heat, tension, or chemicals. Check out Crown Her Gorgeous, Dolled by Diamond, and Majae Beauty Boutique to order custom wigs. Each offers shipping which is the safest choice during this time.

eCrown Her Gorgeous offers a special serum called Crown Therapy, it is especially designed to promote healthy hair growth. This is perfect for massaging on your hair every few days while wearing wigs, braids, or natural on thinning areas and more.

Hair grooming.

In terms of hair removal and grooming yes there are so many different at home methods for doing so. But for those of you that faithfully get body and facial waxing to remove hair, do not try it at home. As mentioned in the skin portion esthestician Aris specializes in waxes, so naturally she has much information and guidance in terms of at home hair removal.

Do Not try to shape your brows, leave them to the professionals. In terms of removing hair from the body and bikini areas, I suggest

just trimming with scissors or in the direction of the hair growth

(one swipe). Do not wax at home and absolutely no shaving. Especially for the bikini area just trim the length.

Now I know not only the ladies take selfies, so I did consult with a barber to see what advice he can expend to the fellas at home looking to stay "selfie ready". Nyshai Charles is owner and founder of Blxck Crxwn Official, a business that specializes in barbering services , entertainment, and skin/hair care services . Nyshai shares ways to groom and maintain your hair, skin, and beard at home.

Nyshai states...

One of the of the main sources of skin and hair care products I

sell is my official “Crxwn Butter” which is a hair and body butter

made with all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, raw shea

butter, rose water , castor oil , and essential oils. I would strongly

advise my fellow clients to use this product as a way to jump start

their journey to healthy skin and hair . Especially with all of the chaos

that is afoot I feel as one who practices healthy and natural hair and

skin care processes daily for all to remain aware and disciplined in

maintaining these routines. Also for all of my curious clients I encourage

you all to practice self cutting if that’s in the cards for you. I feel it’s very

important to know how to self groom to a certain extent anyways, so why

not go all the way with it , but u have to be prepared to learn and

understand the basics and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Be confident in your ability to grow and succeed throughout the barbering

process and continue to blossom and bloom through this healthy journey . 

To purchase Crxwn Butter or schedule a grooming service with Nyshai please visit Blxck Crown Official.

Right now we all need to do our part in staying safe. So be sure to use caution while traveling whether essential or for beauty and grooming needs. I hope you all enjoyed these at home beauty and grooming routines and continue to keep up with them. It's a great way to keep up normalcy, by maintaining your routines that encourage your appearance, if not for your selfie then definitely for your inner sanity. If you decide to take the above advice be sure to tag @the_coffeeandmascara_blog in your selfies. I encourage you to check out each beauty and grooming professional mentioned above. As always be sure to view more on our IGtv for a more in depth look.

Crown Therapy from Crown Her Gorgeous

Custom Press-On nails from KMP

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