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Why supporting businesses owned by black women is so important?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

164%....that's a HUGE number! Over the past 13 years the number of businesses owned by African-American women has grown by 164%! Talk about some major Black Girl Magic!

I want to share with everyone, not just women, the importance of supporting businesses owned by black women and why it's so important.

how do I support?

I support businesses owned by black women not only because I am a business owner but because I AM A BLACK WOMAN! Many of my family members, friends, colleagues, and former classmates own businesses; many own several! When I am looking to buy something or get a service performed, my first notion is to see who's in my network that can sell or perform this service for me. This has been a practice I've adopted because people are always referring my business. Which means so much to me, so it's very important that I pay it forward and do the same for others.

Also in the words in one of my fave girl groups the Spice Girls, "Girl Power"! When queens support queens, anything is possible. When I support others that look like me and have been in my shoes, understands me, shares my culture and values, etc it in a way uplifts me as well.

How can you support?

Now as I stated in the beginning, "businesses owned by African -American women has grown by 164% since 2007"; this is so amazing! Black women are so lit, there's literally nothing we can not do, especially when we support each other. Now I am not here to persuade you to start a business yourself, however I am here to encourage to support your fellow sisters that operate businesses. No matter if they operate online or brick & mortar. No matter if they are service or product oriented, support them! Now if starting a business is something you are looking to do, I will be discussing the steps to take, and will provide the link to my business coach.

In order to effectively support businesses owned by black women I believe there are two key points to always remember: pay them their worth and leave a review/feedback.

Pay them their worth...

Any good business owner knows that no matter what they're selling or providing, excellent customer service is to be expected. I once went to a workshop for aspiring business owners and the speaker said, "They pay how you weigh". That could not have been a more true statement. Amazing products, unique services, and excellent customer service is not something that should be discounted; and you should never expect it to be. I'm sure you would not expect discounts and several courtesies to be given, without paying for them, when you walk into the Mercedes Benz dealership. So do not undercut your fellow sis. Again it's called Queens Supporting Queens, she is your fellow queen, your sister. She is not beneath you, or your peasant so expect to pay her as such.

Furthermore if your are the business owner, stop giving discounts! Allow your potential customers and clients to value your time, services, products, etc. In addition if you are a business owner struggling with pricing, value, and targeting your right customer be sure to read further as I will point you in the right direction.

Leave a review/feedback...

It's simple, if you liked it leave a review.

If you think she has some opportunities provide her some feedback.

Many business owners give you the option to leave reviews integrated through their Facebook page, website, or CRM emails. Leaving a review goes a long way, not only does it let the business owner know that they're doing a great job, but it allows them to take note on the products and/or services that are effective and well liked. Overall it creates a more confident queen in your sister, she will go on to be more confident in her ideas, business plans, and will increase creativity and productivity.

If potential opportunities are present, be vocal about that as well. I would suggest sending an email, or some type of direct message that is not on public display when sharing this feedback with them. In these instances, you can be delicate but still very much be honest. The only way we can grow is for us to give honest and efficient feedback. Again its called Queens Support Queens, there are times when we each may need our crowns fixed. So be sure to give constructive feedback; myself and other business owners will always respect it. Who knows, that next great business idea could come from the feedback you give, your review could push their business into that next level they've been trying to achieve.

Is starting a business for you?

If you have a hobby that you make money from, or an item you sell and actually want to take things to the next level by making more money and reaching more customers, then starting a business just might be for you! If that is the case, hire a business coach...ASAP! You can not do it alone and do not try, unless you plan to keep your hobby as just that, a hobby. But if you're looking to get serious coin, grow into a true boss, create several streams of income, and ultimately become self employed, then you will absolutely need a business coach.

There are many business coaches that can show you how to create a business and give you a plethora of courses, but there is only one that can take you to being self employed and keep you there. That is Raevyn Hokett.

Raevyn Hokett is my personal business coach and mentor. Not only has she been self employed for almost decade, she successfully has guided myself and several others to a place of self employment. As I spoke about before, if you are currently a business owner that struggles with pricing and needs to build the confidence to implement certain things that will take you to the next level be sure to contact her.

Raevyn gave me not only the courses and the studies, but so many priceless gems and instilled so much confidence that not only helped me transform my business, but also transform my inner queen. Hiring her as my business coach was one of the best decisions I ever made, my business has gone on to do so much numbers and clients wise. Please do yourself a favor and invest!

To contact Raevyn Hokett head over to

Thanks for reading and be sure to head to IGTV to see how I am doing my part to support businesses owned by black women!

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