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Getting & Staying Healthy.

In this blog I'll be sharing ways to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Obviously, "being healthy" looks and feels different for each of us. However I will go over some ways to make sure that you are maintaining your health and self-preservation overall.

I want to start with a huge THANK YOU! The feedback from my last blog was mind-blowing. I am honored that my transparency inspired many to embark on their own journey and share their personal stories with me.

And I just want to say that: I am very proud of everyone who is getting healthy and going after their wellness goals!

Although my weight loss journey is just as important as the next, I also recognize that my journey is a bit different from most.

I decided to interview one of my close friends who had a more drastic weight loss journey from mine just to give an even more remarkable, yet relatable story.

Read our interview below!

What encouraged you to lose weight ?

I was encouraged to lose weight when I lost my father in 2012 to a stroke. My dad had a lot of health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. When I lost him this made me want to be healthy not only for myself but my son. 

How did you maintain your motivation?

Maintaining the weight alone was my motivation. I put in so many hours and dedication to meal planning there was no turning back. I loved how it made me feel. 

What was the hardest thing about your weight loss journey?

The hardest thing about losing weight is keeping the discipline up. It’s easy to say what you will do but actually get up even when you don’t feel like it was the true test for me. 

What foods did you avoid?

When it came to foods, it was important to avoid fatty foods, sugars, and drinking as much as possible. These three alone will ruin your progress but I did have cheat meals each week to reward myself of my hard work. 

What kind of exercises were most beneficial?

The most beneficial workouts that worked for me were high intensity workouts and lifting. I literally stayed at the gym when I first began. I was so determined to win. 

How many pounds did you ultimately lose?

I lost over 130lbs after having my son. I ended  up getting pregnant not too long after and lost the 30lbs I had gained. To this day I have maintained my weight lost goals.

Did this journey have any impact on your mental health or change your mind frame in any way?

Losing weight made me feel better inside and out. I hated wearing clothes when I was near 300lbs. I was never really big in high school so after high school I gained so much weight I hated when people would point out my gains. Very rude and inconsiderate because people do not know what you battle. 

How have you maintained your weight since then?

Yes, I have maintained it and I am sooo happy. Of course like anyone I dislike my stomach area due to the saggy skin but I’m excited to keep pushing for my goals. 

What are 3 pieces of advice for anyone looking to embark on a weight loss journey?

I would say it takes time. You didn’t gain weight over night so it will take time to lose. Remember your "why" when you stumble on continuing especially when you have weeks you don’t lose any pounds. Lastly, don’t wait for a soul to workout or to lose this weight! People will be your downfall in this journey, if you wait on folks to start. 

How can those reading this get in touch and connect with you?

You can reach me on my personal IG page at just_stephanie____ and my YouTube has some fitness stuff on there although my channel direction has changed, I have left up all my old videos. Plus I am planning on a tummy tuck so if you want to follow that journey you can watch at themilkcartonseries.

Be sure to check out Stephanie's Instagram and YouTube accounts for more of her story, get inspiration, and to purchase her low calorie, yummy, beverages!

Also I'll be sharing the astounding photos of her before and after on my IGtv!

Getting healthy.

Just like most journeys, getting healthy starts with your mind, once you start to change your thoughts it will then create those healthier habits. One thing my mom has always mentioned to me is that, "Health starts in the kitchen". I couldn't agree with her more! As I mentioned in my other wellness blogs, changing your diet is so crucial, removing or adding in certain items will help, starting with adding fruits, vegetables, and proteins, while cutting down on dairy, fats, alcohol, and carbs.

Everything that we eat and drink impacts our health...and even mental health.

Regardless if you have health goals or not, it is best to start with drinking water. I can not stress this enough: Drinking water is SO IMPORTANT! When you are not drinking enough it can lead to so many unnecessary problems, beyond weight gain, such as kidney failure and so much more. However if weight loss is a concern, be sure to drink ice cold water, another tip from my mom!

Staying healthy.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with, not only being consistent in your new habits, but also changing your mind set. The saying is, "Mind over matter", and I firmly believe that! If you can think it, you can be it. Continue to tap into that inner motivation. Also as I always stress, tailor your social media, only follow pages that are helping you. Pages that motivate and inspire you on the daily to crush your goals or are on the same journey as you so you can motivate one another.

But also you have to really want to be healthy, lose weight, and stay healthy. As I stress with any and every journey you embark on, it needs to be a journey for you! Do not do anything out of pressure from others, or even pressure from yourself, do it because it will really make you happy! Start owning the journey, mentally prepare yourself for it, speak it into existence.

Here's a few Affirmations specific to physical wellness to repeat while on your journey!

  • I believe I can lose weight

  • My health is the most important thing to me

  • I am avoiding excessive carbs

  • I am happy and grateful to have lost ____ pounds

  • There is no need for rich or sugary foods

  • I have the power to control my weight through healthy eating and exercise

  • My body is a temple. I will keep my temple clean


With getting and staying healthy,it is all about preserving yourself. Make sure that you are not only practicing self-care, but also practicing self-preservation. Self-preservation is a must! It goes beyond doing things that make us happy and whole; it is the things we do to survive and live long, healthy lives. Its includes being proactive, regularly going to the doctors, dentists, etc. Following up on health concerns with physicians and specialists. Saying no to others in order to preserve your energy and/or mental health. Most importantly, this includes knowing your boundaries and listening to your body.

When your body tells you to rest..PLEASE REST! I could write an entire book on knowing your boundaries, but ultimately setting limits will save your life. Overextending yourself physically, but also mentally will put you into an early grave. It is okay to work hard, but grinding beyond your limits is something we must stop doing. My best piece of advice is to work smarter, not harder!

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