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Impacts of physical wellness on your mental health.

In today's blog I will be discussing the ways that your physical wellness can impact your mental health. For much of this blog I will be sharing dieting and exercising tips discussed in my interview with personal trainer, boxer, and self defense coach Tre, of Protect with Tre. Tune into the blog's IGtv to see our entire interview.

Self-care has a lot to do with feeling and looking good! Both can boost our confidence and self perception, which make us feel better about ourselves. Paying attention to your needs, means also focusing on your health. Making sure that you are healthy inside to make sure that your outside stays just as beautiful!


Working out is extremely important, not only to maintain or lose weight, but to boost your energy and support overall body and mind functions. I discussed with Tre from Protect by Tre different benefits to working out and ways to work out at home during the quarantine with gyms being closed.

Tre described:

"Be sure to condition and keep yourself moving while being at home. Try not t sit around and eat all day. First, invest in a jump rope, and focus on moving your main upper-body around, until you get back into the gym. You can never go wrong with push-ups and sit-ups, and also planks and squats. If you are new to working out I would suggest start at no more then 25-30 minutes of working out. If it's been a while for you then you can do 35-40 minutes. Wind sprints are a good way to get back into shape, also jogging (you can jog in place in your home, or if you have a treadmill in home you can use that), and jumping jacks. The more high intensity of a work out you are doing the less time you'll need to do them."


"Put good in, get good out" is what many would say!

What we consume has impacts on literally every ounce of our bodies, from our minds, hearts, muscles, and even reproductive organs; each part of our bodies are impacted by what we eat.

I discussed in a previous blog, foods that help promote feminine care. (Check it out!)

I asked Tre about diet changes for someone who is working out, whether they want to lose or gain weight.

Tre explains:

"Cut down on eating late, like no eating after 7pm. If you do eat late, eat some fruit. Decrease your sugar intake. Coffee, without sugar, can actually help you burn calories (of course I was happy to hear him say that!). Contrary to much belief, you don't have to cut out carbs, if you do eat them try to do so in the morning. For instance, bread, when you toast it takes a lot of calories out of it; eating that in the morning will give you energy to burn throughout the day. Carbs and proteins are what gives you the energy to get through the day. Eggs are a great source of protein, particularly boiled eggs, tuna, peanut butter, and chicken. Eating salads can help with losing weight. Having a low-calorie diet, and tracking what you eat throughout the day, maintaining a 1200 -1600 calorie per day diet can help you lose weight. To gain the proper weight, increase your protein, which gives you energy to continue working out, building muscle and weight in favorable areas."

Always consult your primary physician before trying out rigorous work outs and/or making changes to your diet. Everyone's bodies are unique, so what may work for one person, may not, work for someone else.

Foods that impact mental health.

Consuming proteins, carbs, and antioxidants, are all beneficial for your mental health too! Antioxidants can be found in fruits, vegetables, and vitamins; they help keep your mind functioning, and maintain beautiful skin, hair, and nails, I might add! Carbs help boost and neutralize your mood, that's why when we are sad we often crave cakes, cookies, etc.! Proteins give you energy, which creates a focused and clear mind, as Tre pointed out in our interview, some great proteins to consume are peanut butter, tuna, eggs, and chicken.


Getting an adequate amount of rest, is imperative to both your physical and mental well being. When we rest and/or sleep, it allows our bodies and minds, to heal, refresh, and rejuvenate. Our minds are able to create memories, relax, and pause any stressors happening in your life while awake. Our bodies are able to process and break down foods, repair any damage from the days wear and tear, and simply relax. In many cases our body is flushing out waste, and you sometimes wake up feeling a bit lighter because our body can lose some pounds while getting some sleep!


Taking care of your mental health is something that I have spoken about many times, and will continue to speak about. Our mental and physical health goes hand in hand. Staying active and working out is good for calming our minds and staying focused, but also for increasing energy which is needed to stabilize moods to be able to do for ourselves and others. But also staying physically fit makes us maintain a favorable physique, and a good bill of health (which prevents obesity and many other diseases and conditions). All which boosts our confidence and sustainability. It makes you love yourself even more; truly loving "the skin you're in"

What are some foods that help with your mood, but also keep you healthy? Comment below, or email me!

Mine is fruit, particularly mangoes, pineapples, and kiwis!

Catch the entire interview with Tre and I on IGtv, where discussed physical wellness, self defense, and more! Be sure to check out his page for a host of many other services.

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May 26, 2021

I needed this post to help motivate me for my workout journey I’m starting soon

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