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Investing in yourself.

To invest means to spend or devote for future advantage or benefit.

Investing in yourself goes beyond finances!

When we invest in ourselves we get the biggest return and benefits.

Here we are on the last day of April, the finance month.

My other April blogs were about budgeting and investing. Being financially literate is important for every single person. Having a better relationship with money can enhance your life, business, future, and can ease mental stress.

Investing in yourself leads to self-preservation. You add years and value to your life when you invest. Here’s 10 ways to invest in yourself to enhance your finance, health, and more!

  1. Rest. Get plenty of it, the more rest you allow yourself to get, the more energy and clarity you’ll have for later.

  2. Nutrition. Properly eating goes a long way! What you eat impacts your skin, hair, nails, bodily functions everything!

  3. Learn. We are ever evolving beings. The best thing to do is continue to expand your knowledge.

  4. Create. We all have a need to create. Each of us has a need to invent and show off our art, imagination, and innovation. Many times this leads to a hobby and often times a business!

  5. Connect. Whether you’re spending time with family, friends, networking, dating, etc it is great to connect with people Building a support system is pertinent for growth and having connections helps to meet our basic human needs.

  6. Save. Save money, save memories, save time! Saving goes a long way.

  7. Move. Dance, exercise, stay active as much as you can it works wonders for your body!

  8. Initiate. Stay on top of both your physical and mental health. That means being proactive by regularly booking appointments with your primary physician, dentist, therapist, etc.

  9. Breathe. Practice meditation and yoga. Exercise and experience nature!

  10. Live. Simply live your life for you that’s the best way to invest in you. Keep living in your truth!

By practicing these regularly you will improve your self-preservation. Investing in yourself in these ways allows for you to prioritize your needs which is self-care. I will be speaking more on this at each of my Self-Care Sunday events. Make sure you grab your tickets because there will be much to experience there!

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