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More than bubble baths.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Of course we know that self-care is more than bubble baths.

Of course if your self-care regime does consist of bubble baths, there is NOTHING wrong with that!

Before I started practicing self-care in the literal sense, I was still practicing self-care. I have always been the type of person to spare no expense when it came to my vanity and beauty, and at one point I was made to feel guilty for this, but it did not make me stop it only made me get the services done more often, but also, it made me draw the correlation between the need behind the services and the real benefits that go far beyond just looking good.

But there's no reason why we can't have it all right?!

With many feel-good services such as getting a wax, your hair laid, nails done, etc., they all help boost your self esteem, make you look and feel amazing, and benefit your physical wellness.

Here's a few self-care practices I've done this week alone, their benefit on my health, and how they make feel mentally!

-Facial. Cleanses the dead skin and bacteria, leaves my skin feeling and looking flawless, and makes me feel wonderful!

-New hairstyle. Regularly washing and conditioning your hair is so important for your scalp to boost hair growth, cleanse and get rid of bacteria and dandruff. My new hairstyle makes me feel super feminine and polished, and at least I don't have to worry about doing my hair for another few weeks or so.

-Hair grooming. Again remove hair, helps to prevent bacteria, gets rid of dead skin. It leaves me with smooth, silky skin and I love it!!

-Pedicure. I get my pedicures about 1-2 times per month, pedicures have so many health benefits! Just like the others I mentioned, pedicures help eliminate/prevent bacteria and fungus, but also relieves tension and pain throughout the feet and body! As a person who ear heels and loves to wear my feet out I love how amazing my feet look and feels after good pedi!!

If you are having a rough time with practicing self-care.....

Simply start with taking time to yourself to analyze what makes you happy, what brings you peace, what makes you smile! Then go from there.

The biggest component is not feeling guilty about prioritizing your happiness & peace!

Of course self-care is more than a bubble bath, there is so much internal work that we must do to understand what self-care means on our individual terms. But the work we do to make ourselves feel better on the inside can impact the outside. Healing is so beautiful, recognizing your worth is so beautiful, living confidentially in your truth is so, so beautiful!!

Therefore, the inside must match the outside and vice versa!

Just the way we monitor and maintain our health and doctor's appointments, we have to get better at doing so with our beauty and grooming and appointments. That goes for men and women. In many cases a lot of our grooming, vanity, and beauty needs not only have benefits that impact our mental health but also physical health.

Dieting and working out has equal benefits to or internal and external health, beauty, and overall wellness. As I discussed in blog about V-steams, there are so many benefits to regularly getting these done. Not are they relaxing and soothing to the mind but they prevent and help with so many things happening in our bodies, such as unwanted pain, bacteria, and diseases. Hair removal has similar benefits.

Even as I have discussed in my skincare and hair care blogs, keeping up those appointments for vanity reasons is important because it does impact our self image, but not tending to you skin and hair can cause actual health issues!

Be sure to read up on benefits of getting V-steams, facials, hair maintenance, dieting and exercising and more in my other blogs. It is my hope that many bridge the gap between beauty and health regimes to create routines that boost both their mental and physical health at the same time!!

Be sure to stay tuned to Instagram where I show a behind the scenes of my facial appointment and my esthetician shares some information on facials, skincare, and more!

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